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The safety and welfare of our staff and clients is always a priority, we will continue to follow government guidance to keep people safe. Please see our Contact us & Covid-19 page for more details. 

What Time Should I Arrive and Where?

All our water based courses kick off at 0930 with the centre opening at 0900, whereas the shore based courses start at 0900. Expect to finish your on water sessions by 4pm with a leaving time of 4pm to 430pm. 

For our Holiday 5-Day Courses we start at 0930 with a 430pm pick up time. When you arrive and leave you must sign your child in and out each day, please note this must be done by a parent & we will need written permission if you want to change this.

Signing in for our Holiday courses is in the car park area, just look for the gazebo and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. For our weekend options head up from the car park to the main club and you will find staff waiting for you by the first building.

What should I wear?

On all sailing and windsurfing courses you will get wet. Please make sure you arrive at the centre ready to sail to ensure maximum time on the water. There is also the possibility of returning in your sailing gear as well, so please bring appropriate equipment in your car to deal with excited (and possibly wet!) children as we are currently limiting the use of our changing rooms. 

 Make sure that the person attending the course has enough clothing for a full day outside in various conditions, good waterproof clothing as well as a change of clothes. A long sleeve wetsuit is thoroughly recommended and available to rent if desired. The centre will provide all safety equipment - Buoyancy aid & helmet. 

Warm Clothes

Out on the water you are exposed to the elements - wind, rain and sun. Bear this in mind when packing as the weather can change very quickly, the forecast is not always accurate. Warm, fleecy jumpers work well over the top of a wetsuit. Up to 70% of body heat can be lost through your head so hats are a great idea for cold days. Rain coats do a good job of stopping wind so a cheap rain coat over the top of the rest of your kit will keep you warm out on the water. 

What If the sun ever does turn up?

Sun cream and lots of it. The water’s surface reflects most of the light that hits it and without sun cream on you could burn badly. A hat to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes is always a wise move. If it’s too warm for wetsuits we recommend shorts and t-shirts.

Hands and feet?

For safety, closed footwear must be worn on all of our courses (not flip flops or sandals). Your feet will get wet every time you venture onto the water, so an old pair of trainers works well for your footwear. In colder conditions wetsuit boots can be useful. Neoprene socks are a good investment as they can be used for many other activities as well.

You will be using your hands to pull ropes or hold up windsurf sails, this can be tough going in stronger winds so a pair of sailing or cycling gloves can be a good idea. 

What should I wear under a wetsuit?

Swim wear is often the best choice, a thin t-shirt can help stop rubbing around the neck area.

What safety equipment do I need?

None, we provide all buoyancy aids and have a fully stocked first aid cupboard.

What about food and drink?

Please ensure that if bringing a lunch you have it secured in a separate bag so it can be transported to your lunch area separate to any other belongings you may bring. You must also bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated, the recommended is 2 litres.

Powerboating Courses 

You are unlikely to enter the water when powerboating so a wetsuit is not necessary. However your feet will likely get wet so please bring suitable footwear. You will spend a lot of time on the water where wind chill can have a strong effect, so please bring plenty of layers and some waterproofs. 


Car Parking

  Please note that there is car parking facilities owned and run by Thames Water on site; if you are looking to drop off and pick up there is a free grace period of 45 minutes. After this a flat rate £2 fee will apply for all day parking.


Medical Conditions

We ask that all course participants inform our staff of any underlying conditions or recent injuries when booking. We can change the types of boats we use in some cases to ensure you have an enjoyable time at Oxford Sail Training Trust.


Is there food onsite?

Our partner organisation, "Oxford Sailing Club," have an onsite café with hot food and drink, they are open every day throughout the year.

We have a vending machine stocked with sandwiches & snacks as water sports can be physically demanding & it is important to keep fuelled up to enjoy every bit of your time here. It can also be thirsty work, we have a water fountain on site but an extra drink can be essential on hot days.


Further Sailing and Membership

Some of our courses include membership offers from Oxford Sailing Club, Terms and Conditions apply. This will give you access to adult Pay and Play, Novice Race Day, casual Saturday sailing with safety cover provided, as well as their Junior sailing and windsurfing programme.

For more information please see, 01865 863201 or email


Lost Property

We have a vast amount of lost property on site, if anything is left behind it will be moved to the end of the changing rooms. If, after a week, it has not been collected we donate items to charity shops as we simply do not have the space to store it. Small valuable items such as watches, keys and jewellery are held in the office. Please remember to check you have all your belongings when you leave.


Where can I leave my valuables?

We offer to collect up all valuables and lock them in the centre office and strongly recommend that you do so. You can access them any time you want when on a course.